MetaTexis Server - Features




Team Office Enterprise
General features      
Runs on all Windows systems X X X
Easy to install and to maintain X X X
Supports several professional database engines
(MS Access, MS SQL Server 2005, MySQL, e_db)
Supports all languages (full Unicode support) X X X
Updates available for free X X X
Free email support X X X
Simple WWW server included for basic requirements     X
User management      
Maximum number of active users 3 10 unlimited
Flexible assignment to TMs and TDBs X X X
User list can be imported and exported X X X
Remote administration     X
Client managment     X
Translation memories and terminology databases      
Great flexibility through database profiles X X X
Individual server side settings for TMs and TDBs X X X
Extra tool for database management X X X
Import filters for TMs and glossaries (TMX, Access, text files, TRADOS TMs, Wordfast TMs) X X X
Export filters for TMs and glossaries (TMX, Access, text files) X X X
Access to TRADOS Workbench X X X
Inverse TM and TDB searching X X X