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29 April 2017 Version 3.22 released (bug fixes)


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Date News
20 January 2016 Version 3.209 released (many bug fixes)
30 July 2015 - Version 3.178 released (several bug fixes)
- Version 3.208 released (several bug fixes)
22 Dec. 2014 - Version 3.176 released (several bug fixes)
- Version 3.2 released (new developed version of MetaTexis for Word on the basis of the .NET Framework; partly extended functionality)
18 Oct. 2012 Version 3.17 released (several bug fixes; support for Logoport-prepared files added)
03 Sept. 2012 Version 3.168 released (several bug fixes; optional selection dialog for TDBs; Italian available as program language)
01 July 2012 Version 3.167 released (several bug fixes)
29 Feb 2012 Version 3.16 released (several bug fixes; support for the non-free-of-charge Google translation service; batch processing feature for database import)
14 January 2012 Version 3.15 released (many important bug fixes)
18 October 2010 Version 3.0 released:
  Improved search performance
  Improved navigation performance
  Improved performance for database import and export
  Ribbon for Word 2007/2010
  Real time statistics (translation progress info)
  Mass processing for database maintenance (string replace, deletions)
  Wildcard search for TDBs
  Import filter for Wordfast Pro translation memories and documents (TXML) (version "NET/Office" only)
  Import filter for TRADOS Studio translation memories and documents (SDLite, sdlxliff) (version "NET/Office" only)
  Support for TBX standard added
  New document type filters for DITA files (version "NET/Office" only)
  Automatic copying of numbers with automatic adaptation of number format
  Batch processing functions improved and enhanced
  Scout: New search functions
  Improved watch list function: Use TDBs as watch list, wildcard feature
  Support for additional database engines and online TM resources (SQLite, PostGreSQL, MySQL ODBC, MyMemory, TinyTM)
  New option to customize the extensions for MetaTexis documents and cleaned/final version
  New segmentation option "Do not delete spaces at end of a segment"
  Improved PDF import
  Improved support for XML files (automatic tag error correction)
  New Quality check features: Check internal tag consistency (for tagged documents); improved number check (including number formatting)
  Statistics: Enhanced statistics and analysis results; export of statistics results as xml files; TRADOS style results; special tag count
  New option to launch Document Options instead of Start Assistant at project start
22 June 2009 Version 2.963 released (bug fixes)
19 Dec 2008 Version 2.96 released (many bug fixes)
20 Oct 2008 Version 2.954 released (many bug fixes)
14 Sep 2007 Version 2.91 released (new feature: translation scout; several bugs fixed)
7 May 2007 Version 2.9 released (document analysis improved and enhanced; batch function improved and enhanced; new function: coloring of segments/translation units; speed improvements for navigation in tagged files; support for ResX files added; several bugs fixed)
27 January 2007 Version 2.813 released (further improved document statistics; further improved support for the MetaTexis Server; several bugs fixed)
22 October 2006 Version 2.809 released (extended document statistics; improved support for the MetaTexis Server; several bugs fixed)
2 June 2006 Version 2.80 released (seamless integration of machine translation; ready for MetaTexis Server; support for professional database engines added: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express; several bugs fixed)
26 November 2005 Version 2.77 released (handling of terminology results improved; handling of abbreviations improved; several bug fixes)
6 November 2005 Version 2.76 released (support for TRADOS TagEditor files added; several bug fixes)
21 October 2005 Version 2.75 released (segmentation options enhanced; support for Manual Maker files added; several bug fixes)
3 October 2005 Version 2.74 released (document type options enhanced; several bug fixes)
27 September 2005 Version 2.73 released (command "Select translation" improved and enhanced; minor bug fixes)
27 August 2005 Version 2.72 released (several minor improvments; several bug fixes)
16 July 2005 Version 2.71 released (improved handling for index fields; several bug fixes)
11 July 2005 Version 2.70 released (new import filter for Windows resource files; several minor bug fixes; new program languages: Chinese, Portuguese)
15 June 2005 Version 2.693 released (new option for case sensitive TDB search; several minor bug fixes; manual and online help updated)
16 May 2005 Version 2.68 released (new innovative option for language chain search; new function for cross language import; several minor bug fixes)
21 April 2005 Version 2.67 released (increase in database performance, especially regarding database types 2a/b and alignment databases; size of TMs and TDBs reduced by 10% or more; several minor bug fixes)
9 April 2005 Version 2.64 released (speed of database searching improved, especially regarding big databases; MultiTerm import improved; database options enhanced; several bug fixes)
31 March 2005 Version 2.61 released (speed of dialog display improved; several minor bug fixes)
24 March 2005 Version 2.60 released (new search features "Use TM as TDB" and "Use TDB as TM"; import of TRADOS TMs and TMX files further improved; handling of synonyms made more flexible; several minor bug fixes)
16 March 2005 Version 2.55 released (import of TRADOS TMs and TMX documents improved; import of MultiTerm files improved; handling of synonyms in TDBs improved; several minor bug fixes)
2 March 2005 Version 2.54 released (HTML handling improved; segment manipulation improved; handling of right-to-left languages improved)
23 Feb. 2005 Version 2.53 released (import and export of TRADOS documents improved; update of of Excel files improved)
16 Feb. 2005 Version 2.52 released (alignment saving bug fixed; several database center bugs fixed; little navigation bug fixed)
9 Feb. 2005 Version 2.51 released (new filter for MultiTerm xml export files; navigation in tables improved; several minor bug fixes)
2 Feb. 2005 Version 2.50 released (several minor bug fixes)
27 Jan. 2005 Version 2.49 released (several minor bug fixes; several dialogs now sizeable; HTML options enhanced)
5 Jan. 2005 Version 2.48 released (import of Excel and PowerPoint files improved; little bug in TMX export fixed)
21 Dec. 2004 Version 2.471 released (several bug fixes)
Italian manual available
8 Dec. 2004 Version 2.45 released (several bug fixes)
1 Dec. 2004 Version 2.44 released (several bug fixes)
16 Nov. 2004 Version 2.43 released (several bug fixes)
9 Nov. 2004 Version 2.42 4released (several bug fixes)
3 Nov. 2004 Version 2.41 released (Russian language interface; several bug fixes)
11 Oct. 2004 Version 2.4 released (inverse searching of databases introduced; improvement of watch list functions; several bug fixes and improvements)
7 Sep. 2004 Version 2.305 released (minor bug fixes)
1 Sep. 2004 Version 2.303 released (minor bug fixes)
19 August 2004 Version 2.302 released (little error in database search fixed; error in settings saving fixed)
9 August 2004 Version 2.30 released (improved start-up behavior; new function to extract text from PDF documents; minor alignment bugs removed)
28 June 2004 Version 2.293 released (minor alignment bugs removed)
14 June 2004 Version 2.292 released (minor database bugs removed)
7 June 2004 Version 2.291 released (navigation bug removed)
3 June 2004 Version 2.29 released (enhanced export functions)
6 May 2004 Version 2.28 released (minor bug fixes)
3 May 2004 Version 2.27 released (minor bug fixes)
22 April 2004 Version 2.26 released (minor bug fixes)
7 April 2004 Version for Word 2003 released; version 2.25 released (minor bug fixes)
11 March 2004 Version 2.24 released (minor bug fixes; handling of sub-documents improved)
24 Feb 2004 Version 2.23 released (segmentation improved; minor bug fixes; minor improvements)
02 Feb 2004 Version 2.21 released (updated database modules; several bug fixes)
22 Dec 2003 Version 2.10 released (enhanced TMX support; improved tag handling; several bug fixes)
25 Nov 2003 Version 2.09 released (faster searching and saving functions; several bug fixes)
30 October 2003 Version 2.0 released (new database engine; several new functions; many improvements in usability)

Version "NET/Office" released (translate PowerPoint and Excel files; use TRADOS Workbench; Connect to Logoport servers)

20 June 2003 Version 1.0988 released (many bug fixes; many minor improvements)
10 August 2002 Version 1.076 released (registration bug removed)
7 August 2002 Version 1.075 released (trial version bug removed)
1 August 2002 Version 1.074 released (several navigation bugs removed)
30 July 2002 Version 1.073 released (several database bugs removed)
29 July 2002 Version 1.072 released ("Type mismatch" bug and some other minor bugs removed)
25 July 2002 Version 1.07 released (beta version of many new functions; support for CJK languages further improved/enhanced; many minor bugs removed - for more information see online help of the program)
5 July 2002 Version 1.06 released (beta version of many new functions; support for CJK languages improved/enhanced; several minor bugs removed)
11 June 2002 Version 1.05 released (start bug in version for Word 2000 fixed)
6 June 2002 Version 1.04 released (several minor bug fixes)

3 June 2002

Version 1.03 released (several bug fixes; size of installation file reduced; beta versions of new functions: support for tagged texts like HTML; PageMaker etc.; support for Chinese; Japanese and Korean)
13 April 2002 Version 1.01 released (several bug fixes; size of installation file reduced)
2 April 2002 First official version 1.00 of MetaTexis released