MetaTexis Server - Download

Version 3.209 - 20 January 2016

The MetaTexis Server can be installed on any Windows system starting with Windows 2000.

If you would like to test or run the MetaTexis Server, please contact the following email address:

We will provide you with the link to the installation program and with a temporary license key so that you can test the server without any restriction for 2 months.


The manual has exactly the same content as the online help included in the program.

Language MS Word Acrobat Reader (PDF) Online
English (18 Oct. 2010) English.doc (zipped) English.pdf (zipped) English online


Installation instructions

  1. Install MetaTexis by starting the installation program "MetaTexisServerV3.exe".
  2. If you have purchased a license and want to enter it to activate all functions, click the button About this program, then click the button Enter license key.
  3. As a first step, define a database profile and created a TM and a TDB for this profile. Then create a user and assign the database profile to this user. Now the MetaTexis Server is ready for being used by the clients running MetaTexis for Word.
  4. If MetaTexis does not seem to run properly, please close Microsoft Word and start it again. If MetaTexis still does not run smoothly, read the FAQ in the manual. If the FAQ does not address the error, or if you do not succeed in fixing it, please contact MetaTexis support: