MetaTexis Server - Purchase

You have two options to use the MetaTexis Server: You can purchase the MetaTexis Server software and install on your own Windows server. In this case you have to take care for the hardware, the network, and the administration yourself.

Alternatively, you can rent the MetaTexis Server for moderate fees. The price is even below the costs for a Windows Server! This offer is especially interesting for small translation agencies, companies/organizations with small translation departments, and project teams. For we do the complete server administration for you! All you need is an Internet connection (not even a fast one). So, you have not to worry about network and installation issues, and you can be sure to use the latest software version. Of course, it is also possible to rent the server temporarily.

If you would like to purchase or rent the MetaTexis Server, please contact for more details.

Free license keys: Educational institutions are entitled for a free license key, if the key is solely used for educational purposes to train MetaTexis users. MetaTexis trainers can also be entitled to get a free license key.