MetaTexis is a user-friendly program, and you can learn it easily with the help of the manual. However, MetaTexis includes many functions and many settings. Therefore, training by a MetaTexis expert can help new users to learn the program even better and faster.



Country Name Email Address
Germany Klaus Kurre Loctimize GmbH,
Fuchstälchen Gebäude 30,
66123 Saarbrücken
USA Eric Bullington eric AT clinicaltranslations DOT com   Columbia, SC
Germany Markus Hagner
Albania Ilir Baci
Germany Alexandre De Sena Viegas
60320 Frankfurt am Main
Egypt Ahmed Maher  
Greece Spiros Doikas doikasspiros AT hotmail DOT com
Poland Pawel Wawrzyszko Kraków
Indonesia Sugeng Hariyanto  
Czech Republic Milan Condak


Training events

Date Place Title Trainer Price


How to become a trainer?

If you are convinced that you know MetaTexis well, and if you would like to offer training sessions or other help, you can apply by simply sending an email to this email address:

If you have organized a training session please send the details to the same email address so that the data can be added to the list above.